Welcome you to your own life, right here, right now.
-Dr. Eric Lopez-Maya

Guided meditations

Guided meditations crafted to fit into brief open spaces throughout your day.

Tour of the Senses (3:34)

Kind Presence (4:21)

Focused Attention (5:50)

Letting Go of Thoughts for Sleep (14:08)

Quick insights into mindfulness practice to help you reconnect to the present moment.

Stop and Connect (1:01)

Resetting Your Attention (1:16)

Joyfulness (2:02)

For when you have time for a longer meditation experience

Body Scan Meditation (43:00)

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Guided Meditations

Tour of the Senses

Guided Meditations

Kind Presence

Guided Meditations

Focused Attention

Guided Meditations

Letting Go of Thoughts for Sleep

Guided Meditations

Stop and Connect

Guided Meditations

Resetting Your Attention

Guided Meditations


Guided Meditations

Body Scan Meditation